How to Transfer Fund Online from IDBI Bank to Other Bank Account

How to Transfer Fund Online from IDBI Bank to Other Bank Account

This is very easy to transfer fund online in any account at any time and anywhere, IDBI Bank Customers can use internet banking and also can visit at IDBI Bank branches or ATM’s for transferring money across the country. You just need to remember your 16 digit card number of the transferee. Just Login IDBI Internet banking at, or visit the nearest IDBI bank Brach and transfer the required amount. the amount will be directly credited into the recipient’s account, it’s doesn’t matter where he is.


Fund Transfer IDBI Bank to Other Bank


How to Transfer fund Card to Card in IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank in guild with VISA bring to you card to card payment services, a simple and fast, convenient and secure method for paying your visa credit card bills. If you are an IDBI Bank account holder then you can avail of this facility to pay bills of all visa Credit Card issued by any bank in India.

Transfer usually requires 1 to 3 business days to complete, but for some cards like Wal-Mart Money Card, same day transfer is also possible. Whenever you reload your pre-paid card from your bank Account, the transport system follows ACH principle. This card may be utilized to pay in any on-line or off-line store worldwide, which accepts American Express.


Benefits of Fund Transfer in IDBI Bank.

Providers intrigued in receiving EFT ( Electronic Fund Transfer) payments had to cope with a wide range of enrollment procedures, and transactions were frequently delayed.

It’s very cheaper and faster and more convenient than issuing Cheques or paying over the counter

There is no geographical limitation within in India

Payment method of your convenient ( i-netbanking, ATM or Branch)


Features of Online fund transfer


Card to Card services comes packed with a host of features such as:-

IDBI Bank Account holders can be use accessed using ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, or through IDBI Bank Branch.

Schedule recurring payment for a future date.

You can also track your previous credit card payment status.


How to Pay Electricity Bills Online IDBI Bank


Pay your Utility Bill Payment Online. Now you don’t need to be in queues and don’t need to wait on phone and also you don’t need to visit at power company offices to pay your electricity bill. just forget about your late payment charges.

The electricity bill payment facility by IDBI Bank cuts out the hassles you go through each month for paying your bills.

This bill payment service gives you the flexibility of viewing and paying your bills online.

You just need to do enter your billing information into your IDBI Bank internet banking. And then start paying your all bills online like, Electricity bills, Landline bills, mobile bills, insurance premium, on every month,


The Electronic Bill Payment include:


Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment: This Facilities allows you to manage and pay off all your bills online.

Electronic Bill Payment: This facilities allows you to pay off all those bills appearing physically.


Types of Bill payments

IDBI Bank offer two types of bill payment services.

Electronic Bill Payment: This is for billers who accept payments without presenting a bill online.


How to get Online access for Net Banking in IDBI Bank


This is very simple to apply IDBI Bank Internet Banking. Visit at your IDBI Bank Branch and just ask for the Channel Registration Form that is available at all IDBI Bank branches or click here to download the form and submit the filled form at IDBI Bank nearest branch. as soon as the application is processed you have the convenience to set your Internet banking password online.

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