4 Best Bakery Courses in Delhi for 2020

If you are looking to learn baking I am sure you are considering schools abroad because India probably doesn’t have the quality education one needs, right?

Wrong and you are up for a real surprise. What if I told you there are baking classes in Delhi that will turn you into the ultimate professional so you can even go onto open your own bakery or cafe?

Yup, here’s a look at some of the best bakery courses in Delhi every newbie should read about.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi for 2020

#1: TruffleNation (Best Bang for Your Buck)

With multiple branches in South Delhi, Trufflenation isn’t your average baking school and here’s why.

TruffleNation Rating
The Good
Courses available for anyone and everyone
Marketing sessions make creating your brand easy
Easily Accessible as it is close the Metro Station
Training is completely hands-on
Pocket-friendly courses
Weekend batches are available
The Bad
Seats for each batch are limited

What we like

What if you could get your Diploma in baking in just 4-months for Rs. 2,75,000?

This not only gives you head start compared to students doing their hotel management or course abroad but saves you lacs of rupees as well that you can invest in your new business.

Plus, both their Diploma and Certification courses don’t stop at just baking. Yes, you’ll learn a variety of bread, cakes, cookies, etc. (includes European and Indian confectionaries) but also covers one important skillset no baking school in India can boast about.

And that is,

Deep-Dive Marketing Sessions. From setting up social media accounts to running ads and testing products, these sessions are designed to turn your dream into a brand.

They further include details on how to price goods, store items, staffing, menu-planning, market research, etc.

But what if I am just a hobbyist.

Well, TruffleNation also offers a variety of short-term bakery courses and even weekend classes at reasonable prices.

Irrespective of the course, learning is all hands-on so learn as you do with 1 professional for every 4-5 students giving you the personal attention you deserve.

Branches are very close to the metro stations so you can easily commute without having to walk long distances or spend big on cabs.

Lastly, fees for the Diploma course can be paid in instalments further easing the enrolling process and if you miss a class due to a genuine reason, they will even accommodate you into another class so you do not miss out on anything.


One small drawback of the school is that the limited batch sizes are limited which means you have to act quickly.


#2: Academy of Pastry Arts India

Don’t want to travel all the way from Gurgaon to South Delhi? You don’t have to thanks to the Academy of Pastry Arts India.

Academy of Pastry Arts India Rating
The Good
Offers both Diploma and Certification courses
Focuses on hands-on training
There are also weekend short-term courses
They have award-winning faculty
The Bad
On the expensive side
No marketing sessions available

What we like

With branches in Bangalore and Mumbai as well, Academy is definitely a baking school worth the consideration if you have the funds.

They, like TruffleNation, also offer Diploma and Certification courses for those looking at professional courses in culinary or baking.

But if not that, you can also go with part-time weekend classes.

All training is hands-on and done under the guidance of award-winning chefs (Gold Medal Winner for Pastry Queen, Gold Medal Winner in India Pastry Cup are just a few to name).

The biggest benefit of enrolling for the Diploma program is that you the opportunity to intern in Malaysia towards the end of the 1-year course.


The biggest drawback here is that the courses have a steep price. For example, the Diploma course that costs you Rs. 2,75,000 at Trufflenation will cost you around Rs. 7,00,000 here.

The classes are also longer than the 3 hours at TruffleNation and the course takes another 6 months while the training and recipes are pretty similar.

#3: Institute of Bakery and Pastry Arts

Located in Vikaspuri, IBPA is another top-notch bakery course in Delhi and here are its pros and cons.

Institute of Bakery and Pastry Arts Rating
The Good
Offers both part-time and professional courses
You get hands-on Training
Weekend batches are available
100% placement assurance for 18-month or 12-month Diploma courses
The Bad
No marketing or pricing or staffing sessions
Not located close to the metro station

What we like

With an 18-month and 6-month Diploma course, IBPA also appeals to aspiring professional bakers. But there are also a variety of hobby courses that are worth checking out.

Training even with them is completely hands-on with trainers with experience at some of the biggest bakeries and 5-star hotel kitchens there to guide you at each and every step.

But that’s not all.

IBPA has also had quite a few amazing visiting chefs over the years that have held workshops further adding to the knowledge of the students and giving them handy tips that allow them to stand out.

They also give 100% placement assurance but that is only limited to the students enrolled in the 18-month or 12-month Diploma courses.


Unlike TruffleNation, their courses even though longer, do not contain aspects that are a must for future entrepreneurs such as pricing, staffing, marketing and so on.

Plus, they aren’t very close to the metro station which means commuting isn’t all that easy.


#4: International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi

Last but not least comes the IICA and below we tell you everything you need to know about it before enrolling for any of the courses.

IICA Rating
The Good
All kinds of courses are available
Training is all hands-on
Provides excellent job opportunities post the professional courses
The Bad
Batch sizes are really large
Professional course takes 2-years
No marketing knowledge provided

What we like

First and foremost, IICA is one of the oldest schools in Delhi and has churned out 3000+ professionals and if anything survives that long, you know they are pretty darn good.

This is another baking class in Delhi with courses designed for anyone and everyone. You can choose from short-term Diploma in Baking or Culinary to a 2-year Diploma course in Bakery and Patisserie Arts or Hobby Courses that vary from 1-month to 3-months.

Being a top-notch institute, IICA also believes in hands-on learning so you get to learn everything from scratch and use of the finest ingredients and modern machine and equipment makes it all worthwhile.

They have students placed in bakeries and hotels both abroad and in India and if you perform well, so can you score a job with an amazing package.


IICA is also on the expensive side. Their 6-month Diploma course is not as detailed as Truffle Nation or Academy of Pastry Arts which means you will have to enroll for the 2-year diploma course to be professional and that costs around 4 lacs.

Also, they have around 18-20 students per batch. This is quite a bit and can be overwhelming for many students plus, you may not get the attention you need.

Best Baking Classes in Delhi: Conclusion

Want to start your own bakery or cafe? TruffleNation remains unmatched. With a proven track record and pocket-friendly yet detailed courses, they are hands down the best bakery course in Delhi for anyone.

If you live in Gurgaon, the Academy of Pastry Arts and IICA are good options but on the expensive side.