How to Make Amazing Vegan Desserts

A large population is going vegan and truthfully, for all the right reasons. And if you have plans to open up a bakery or home baking business, you have a large market that you can serve to which largely goes unserved.

But before you can pounce on this amazing business opportunity, you need to become an expert at vegan desserts and we are here to tell you exactly how. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making vegan desserts.

How to Make Amazing Vegan Desserts

Tip 1: Know the substitutes

Vegan dessert means you cannot be using any dairy products or eggs so you have to know everything about substitutes in order to get the same flavors and consistency and guess what, getting these substitutes isn’t that hard either.

For example, Flax seeds aren’t just a great substitute for eggs but also vegetable oil and butter. This is mainly because they are rich in fatty acids. But if you do not have flax seeds, you can also turn to chia seeds, bananas, and beans.

There are also various commercial egg replacers available in the market that can be used. They are pretty cheap and often used by cafes and bakeries for eggless cakes.

Tip 2: Flour is safe for use

One of the few ingredients that you can continue to use without hassle is flour. But if you want to go the extra mile for your customers (most likely you should) avoid using flour that has been bleached with bone char.

Furthermore, if you are in the mood to experiment, feel free to throw in almond or nut flour instead of regular flour into your cakes and other baked desserts to add some flavor twist.

Tip 3: Go for non-dairy milk

Just because you are not supposed to use dairy products does not mean you cannot use milk. Confused? Well, believe it or not, there is non-dairy milk available as well. Taste-wise there is barely any difference and sweetening the milk is just as easy so you do not have to worry about it impacting the taste of the desserts.

Though keep in mind that different non-dairy milk has different consistencies. Yup, if you want to use something closer to the cow milk, we’d recommend soy milk over almond milk as almond is thinner. And if you need something thicker, coconut milk is ideal.

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Tip 4: Know the sugar you are using

Just like in the case of flour even with sugar you want to avoid one that has been bleached with bone char. But what actually is bone char?

Well, bones from dead cattle are often used to decolor sugar, flour and other white-colored food items which means your dessert does not qualify as a vegan product anymore. Only sugar directly derived from sugar beet is vegan.

Tip 5: It is not as complicated as it sounds

Most of the mentioned substitutes are easily available at baking shops which means making vegan desserts and cakes isn’t as tough as it may sound. Plus, with a market that is growing every year, why would you want to miss out on so many potential customers, right?

But if you still have trouble making vegan recipes, we covered some of the top bakery courses for Delhites that will turn you into a pro at all kinds of recipes within 5-6 months or less.

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