Baking 101: The Ultimate Guide to Baking Ingredients

If you want to become a professional baker simply following recipes won’t cut it. When you try more complex recipes, you will often find the results well behind your expectations.

Do you know why?

Because you do not have an understanding of how ingredients work. Knowing this will not only make baking easy but will also help you experiment and even develop your own recipes.

And to get you started we have covered a few basic things about baking ingredients every baker should know.

Tip 1: Measure all ingredients correctly

One most commonly used dry ingredients in baking is the flour and here’s what you need to keep in mind about it.

If you have left your flour on the counter untouched for a long time make sure you loosen it up first by mixing with a spoon so it becomes a little fluffy.

Also, use proper measuring spoons and cups (yup, those with. markings) rather than regular kitchen equipment for both dry and wet ingredients and if you really are serious about baking and being a professional, get a good kitchen scale right away.

Pro Tip: When measuring sticky ingredients like honey or maple syrup, glaze the measuring cup with some vegetable oil so nothing sticks on the sides.

Tip 2: Learn how to use eggs

When it comes to eggs there are 3 golden rules that are a must.

First and foremost, always use fresh eggs. In case you do not know how to test the freshness of an egg, here’s a video below explaining the process.

Also, break the egg into separate cups. Breaking it directly into the mixing bowl increases the chances of eggshells falling into it as well which are a big no and they can add an unwanted texture and taste to the final dessert or cake.

Lastly, one thing most beginners struggle with is separating the white from the yolk. This is something one learns with practice and the trick is to be really calm and gentle. But in case you do mix them up, you can always turn to the bottle trick to rescue the day.

And if you want to go vegan but not sure about egg substitutes, then here’s our guide to making amazing vegan desserts that you will find helpful.

Tip 3: Handle Chocolate with care

Whether you are making a cake or a dessert, it is very likely that you going to be using chocolate but using chocolate isn’t as straightforward as just melting it and adding it.

If the recipe suggests you to temper the chocolate then tempering it is a must. If you have never worked with Chocolate before I would recommend you enroll for Chocolate Artistry course at the best baking classes in Delhi. But if you can’t just yet, here’s all about tempering chocolate in the video below.


Tip 4: Learn how to use fruits

From cheesecakes, tarts to even desserts, every now and then you will find yourself using different fruits in various ways. Lemon, oranges, and strawberries are some of the most common fruits.

When looking to squeeze lemons and oranges just roll them over the counter for 10-15 seconds to extract the most juicer out of them, in turn, saving you fruits. Another trick with lemons is to leave them in hot water for a while.

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